Professional Project Management Service

Where Technology Matters, Experience Matter

BPS knows that your Architectural and Application deployment solutions are some of the most complex and interconnected technologies in your environment. That’s why our Project Managers are hired for their experience which is not only in the Development and Process world, but also in corporate information technology and business analysis. Only this kind of well-rounded experience can guarantee the success of your implementation.

Understanding Your Business Needs

BPS Project Managers are hired for their business savvy, as well as their IT skills. That means they will understand your specific business requirements and bring you a solution that answers your business needs. A Project Manager who understands why you need the information will do a better job in guiding a team in delivering the right information users.

Business Intelligence Operatives

BPS Project Mangers drive projects with one thing in mind – how your people plan to use the data after delivery. This means that our solutions are built not only to give your people what they need right now, but also to provide them with the ability to adjust to their changing business environment. To us this means that knowledge transfer and training are key to any successful implementation.

Project Management Methodologies

Another selection criteria for our Project Managers are their soft skills, Consistency in communications, planning and leadership skills are a necessity. For that reason, Project Management Institute Methodologies are essential with BPS Project Managers. Plus, we are well versed in CMM, Six Sigma, SDLC, RUP and other popular management techniques so that we can adapt our methodologies to fit your management style.

BPS ensures the success of your project.